The Crew

Brief Introduction

The Crew

The Roman International Team

(Nakia, Darren, Kelly)

  • Founders: Nakia & Darren
  • Photographers: Nakia, Kelly & Darren
  • Image editors & photo art: Kelly & Darren
  • Marketing and graphic design: Nakia and Kelly

  • What do we do?   Specialise in Fine Art & Custom Wedding Photography
  • How do we do it?   Through experience and personal service.
  • Why should you employ us?   Because everyone wants enviable photos.

‘To capture a still image that enthrals the mind past the point of a motion picture is a technique of art’

– Roman International Photography, 2012





  • Personalised photographic services.
  • Reliable & professional.
  • On going support with a range of photo development options.


  • We are based in Perth, Australia & operate within all states & territories.
  • Servicing both national & international clients.
  • Worldwide; destination wedding photographers.


  • Bookings fill fast,  it is very important to secure your date. NOTE: $800 booking deposit is requered to secure your booking.
  • Please call or email us at anytime to arrange a consultation or chat about your photographic needs: (+61) 0433 933 471
  • Operating Hours: By Appointment
  • $800 Booking deposit is required to secure your wedding date. This locks your date in our calendar,  allowing us to plan around your wedding day.

About the founders, Nakia & Darren

We are Nakia and Darren from Roman International Photography. We see the world with a vibrant passion, delivering images that reflect that vibrancy of our world and most importantly, our clients lives.

After years of photographic experience we decided to share our art and skill with the world, offering our services to people who also appreciate the power and significance of photography.

Photography has taken us to many corners of the world, working in a variety of fields within the industry. From fashion to glamour & portfolio work to weddings, events, marketing & corporate photography; we have even worked on overseas operations with the Australian Defence Force. We are both confident and competent behind the camera and able to stay composed in any situation we are placed in.

We have the vision and the knowledge to create quality artwork that will fulfil your desires and designer needs. Capable of maintaining a high tempo, insuring every moment is recorded. We believe the photographers should be the first to arrive and the last to leave; it’s our job to capture everything and record a story to be preserved in time; aiding memories.

The service we provide is 100% custom, exclusive and of limited bookings; meetings are essential.

You live it. You love it. We capture it.

More about our experience, ethos & values

We have worked in the photographic industry for over twelve years, working around the world and throughout the Australian States and Territories; our home base is now Perth, Western Australia. We are experienced in the styles of landscape & adventure, event, wedding, fashion, portraiture, real-estate, product, corporate and more although now we mainly photograph weddings for couples (and we love it). We are continuously shooting & developing our skills & knowledge to fine-tuning our art & provide clients with stunning imagery.

Using all the latest technology & accessories available we produce images that are unique from others. Employing the right equipment, knowledge & experience certainly help give our images the edge, the wow factor.

As we continue to expand and grow as photographers our portfolio is forever in development. You are in the right place to view our work, gain a better understanding of who we are & get a feel for how we operate.

Please note: We specialise in customising photography & design to suit individuals needs. We do this by meeting all of our clients & taking the time to listen and get to know them.

By understanding your character, personality and taste, we deliver images that you cannot help to admire; after all, they’re designed for you.

 Your Photographers

Nakia, Kelly & Darren


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