ST Denis 8/9/18 – Mass p1

ST Denis 8/9/18 – Mass p1

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  • Pack 1 (single photo) $25: 2x Bookmarks, one 5×7″, two 5×3.5″, two 6x4cm and two 4x3cm.
  • Pack 2 (single photo) $25: One 8×6″ and two 6×4″.
  • Pack 3 (single photo) $30: One 8×12″ (A4), one 8×6″ and two 6×4″.
  • Pack 4 (single photo) $38: One A4 Calendar, 2x Bookmarks, one 5×7″, two 5×3.5″, two 6x4cm and two 4x3cm.
  • Package C (multi photo) $85: Two 8×6″ & Four 5×7″
  • Package B (multi photo) $100: One 8×12″ (A4), Two 8×6″ and Four 5×7″
  • Package A (multi photo) $150: Four 8×12″ (A4), Two 8×6″ and Six 5×7″
  • Pine Keep-safe Box, Digitals & Print Collection: $500 (value, $800)
    • Our Pine Keep-Safe Box was designed by us and is crafted in the Swan Valley of Western Australia. Our Pine Box hold photo prints up to 10x14inch in size, a 10×14″ leather bound album, your USB, and other treasures from your special occasion. Pine Keep-safe includes: Full Digital Collection on a custom USB, Two 8×12″ (A4) Prints, Six 8×6″ Prints and Ten 5×7″ Prints
    • Our Pine Box is finished in Raw Pine (varnished) or a Black Piano finish, complete with a gold plaque (custom engraved) fastened to the lid.

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