Liwara - 10/06/18 - 1730

Liwara - 10/06/18 - 1730


We're experiencing issues with our shopping cart. To purchase your photos, please register/sign in and then return to this page. Once you return, please use the Heart Button instead of Cart Button to choose your photos and the size; this will create a wishlist. You can access your Wishlist via the "Client Access" menu or the person symbol top right. From there, please use the "Share List" button. This will send me your selected photos and the sizes you would like.

I apologise for the in convenienece and am working to rectify the issue.


To purchase your photos, simple use the drop down menu that appears once you click on one of your photo's and the Heart Button (not the Cart). If you choose the Full Digital Collection, you will receive a USB with all the photos that your child and your family are included in (size 1960px at 300ppi in colour profile sRGB). Print Collection A includes:

  • Four 8x12" (A4) Prints
  • Two 8x6" Prints and
  • Six 5x7" Prints

If you do choose Print Collection A, use the heart button (wishlist), build a wishlist with your wanted photos (and sizes) and share the list with me.

Any questions, please call or email me any time. Darren 0433 933 471


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