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Roman International Photography

Hello there, we are Nakia, Kelly and Darren from Roman International Photography, based in Perth, Western Australia. All three of us are very passionate about our work/art and devout an extremely large amount of energy to insure we give you our very best on your wedding day. From meeting with you both, to research and location scouts to helping with a smooth run of your day to fine-tuning everyone of your images personally. Photography is our life, we love it; if we’re not shooting, we’re learning how to shoot better.


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What makes a good Wedding photograph?

Good question. Honestly, two people enjoying each others company, in a beautiful setting with great lighting, you can’t go wrong. Darren.

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Why do some portraiture succeed while others fail?

Connection is really important, connecting with each other or the camera, to engage and strike a cord with the viewer. Nakia.

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Hello, if you like our work and are interested in having us be part of your wedding day, please call or email anytime for a chat. ph. Darren on 0433 933 471 or email Alternatively, there are many specific contact forms throughout our site; please use which ever suits you best. Thank you and we look forward to hearing all about your wedding day plans soon.

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